Business Services

Growth & Business Acceleration


 The most common context for applied strategy is growth, and there is no shortage of consultants that will eagerly tell you how you should grow your business. But unlike traditional management consulting firms that stop short of actually helping you execute your strategy, PivitolX rolls-up-its-sleeves to work alongside you and your team on the implementation of that strategy. Given that focus, we’ve developed a keen sense of how growth strategies are actually implemented in practice, not to mention which strategies tend to work better than others. Furthermore, rapid growth presents special challenges for strategy execution given the speed of organizational change required, which is another area of expertise where PivitolX can provide practical guidance and hands-on assistance. 

Optimized Operations


 Although the word “strategy” is traditionally used with a growth connotation, optimizing operations to decrease cost or otherwise increase profit requires no less of a strategy. Sometimes that strategy is applied in a generally healthy context, such as when a more mature company with slowing growth prospects introduces Lean Six Sigma techniques to be more profitable. Other times optimization strategies are applied in situations of duress or even distress, requiring more aggressive strategies and urgency. PivitolX’s approach to Strategy Execution works equally well across this diverse spectrum of contexts, leveraging a gamut of capabilities ranging from business process re-engineering to application portfolio rationalization to organizational change management. 

Execution and Recovery


 In situations of distress, strategy execution is of paramount importance, sometimes even existential to the well being of a company. But it’s under those exact conditions when executing a stabilization or recovery plan is the most difficult, so identifying a consulting partner who can move quickly, cross-functionally, and effectively in a chaotic environment without being rattled or insensitive is critical. PivitolX’s experience in these types of settings is somewhat unique, and in cases of recovery experience matters. 

Digital Transformation



PivitolX views Digital Transformation as the holistic rethinking of business (and the accompanying societal changes) made possible by the rapid and cumulative technological advancements that modern society is currently experiencing. Not merely the usage of more IT to take advantage of digital technology and data, digital transformation represents an end-to-end reconsideration of business strategy, architecture, operating model, products/services, consumption patterns, organizational processes, etc. PivitolX can help you drive genuine trans-formative efforts, not just “pave the crooked cow path”. PivitolX's strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap (ASR) initiative.

Mergers and Acquisitions



Business strategy is the underlying for any merger & acquisition (M&A) transaction, there is also a sub strategy for how the actual organizational transition should be conducted. Executing that M&A transaction strategy is far from straightforward, which by definition involves more than one company and usually progresses under tight schedules and constraints to capture specific business synergies. PivitolX has developed various tools and accelerators that facilitate this process and mitigate the delivery risk inherent to these high-impact transactions.

PivitolX’s strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmap (ASR)initiative. In the context of Mergers & Acquisitions, having a clear roadmap reflective of the business case that drives the organization towards its target synergies is paramount. And that’s exactly what PivitolX’s ASR will provide.