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When the White House CIO office released the Plan to Reform Federal IT Management, consolidation of Federal datacenters was mandated to increase operational efficiency. Terminating underperforming projects, shifting to a “cloud first” policy, and reducing data centers are now top national priorities.

PivitolX has partnerships with the top tier vendors to help agencies achieve these objectives and manage IT programs efficiently. Whether an agency’s mission is civilian, military or intelligence-oriented, PivitolX provides agencies with effective ways to serve American citizens, warfighters, analysts, and the federal workforce.


Rising healthcare costs, increased outlays for defense and veterans’ health programs, an aging population, and continued high unemployment are continually driving federal healthcare expenditures up.

The industry is responding with new healthcare IT systems that spur and support new and innovative healthcare delivery services (such as mobile and telehealth), streamlined workflows, secure informatics and data exchange, and enhanced decision-support systems. These solutions come with a variety of factors and challenges, including mandates to enable more meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR), improving population health, and reducing healthcare costs. These challenges are objectives of the federal government’s health IT strategy, which hopes to empower individuals with the health IT tools and resources they need to take a more active role in their own health.

PivitolX’s portfolio of health IT solutions are designed to help optimize and improve operational efficiencies in areas of healthcare information management, data capture, exchange and protection, and the seamless integration and performance of these systems across diverse enterprise environments. Our team of engineers and solutions architects ensures the successful adoption of our partner products through the entire life cycle of design, implementation, training, and support services.


 PivitolX helps colleges and universities overcome challenges through our broad selection of best-in-class information technology products and superior services. We understand that higher education institutions have the incredibly important job of maintaining excellence across a broad spectrum of academic environments. With our technologies, we work to improve productivity across campuses and maximize the efficiency of colleges and universities. From small colleges with an abundance of challenges, to large universities that need large-scale solutions, PivitolX can help.

PivitolX’s technology also provides K-12 school districts with technologies that help improve productivity, safely share critical information, maintain databases, and manage day-to-day administrative tasks.

State and Local Government

 Throughout the public sector, budgets and demands vary, which ultimately affects how departments operate on state and local levels. One common thread among all budget concerns comes from IT problems that hinder productivity and financial stability. Strained resources continue to decline as falling sales and income taxes take their toll. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, average state budget shortfalls are already $38 billion, or 7% of total budgets.

Strategic investments in IT are at the heart of the efforts to make Government services more effective, accessible, and transparent. Whether it is managing a data center, cutting costs and building efficiency, or securing electronic records and system information, PivitolX has technology solutions and partners to meet both state and local government technology needs.


 Public Works and Utilities face efficiency, accountability and sustainability requirements like never before. As a result, public works and utilities professionals are required to work more efficiently, be accountable across job functions and provide sustainable solutions all while “doing more with less.” All publicly-owned utility organizations depend on sophisticated water distribution and wastewater collection networks. Often times, network GIS data is in different file formats or different locations which presents challenges for planning and mapping professionals to integrate maps in a CAD environment. In the electric utilities space, the world’s most powerful aircraft carriers, safest coast-to-coast air traffic control system, or largest data centers – can be compromised by electrical system faults. PivitolX can help agencies streamline the entire lifecycle of any public works project from the design, build, operate, and maintain stages, into a single workflow.  

Transportation/ Logistics

 The transportation and logistics industry is confronting immense change: digital transformation, new market entrants, changing customer expectations, and new evolving business models. If you want to remain competitive, now is the time for action. and PivitolX can help.

Whatever your market sector, in today’s highly competitive environment, PivitolX's efficient warehousing and distribution management is central to commercial success. That’s why you will be seeking a supply chain partner with a strong track record. Getting the right product to the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility.

But that’s only the beginning, of course. With today’s short product lifecycles, tougher time-to-market pressures, and more demanding seasonal inventory builds, you will understand the critical need for flexibility.