Logistics and Transportation

A Global Mission Force Multiplier You Can Trust

 The manufacturing industry requires the widest and most diverse set of business and IT solutions. Product pricing and logistics management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and order management (and the close integration of all of them) are some of the most mission-critical and complicated solutions required of manufacturing organization. Layered on top of this complexity are the forces now impacting the industry such as higher customer expectations, demand for shorter product development cycles, influx of low cost competitors and the unending drive to leverage the “SMAC Stack” – social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. PivitolX has a very a long history and deep experience providing leadership and assistance to Clients working across this solution set. From envisioning an overall enterprise-wide solution to developing and delivering point solutions to provide an unmet need, PivitolX has helped Clients find and create a solution(s) that allows them to meet their full business potential and drive warehouse productivity.  

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PivitolX maintains a 50,000 Sqft warehouse facility with the ability to ship vehicles, hazmat, munitions and classified systems globally and timely. Ask how we can support your mission and transportation goals.