Information Technology

Cyber Security


 Breaches and other incidents already take their toll in companies large and small. Top politicians and large firms such as Yahoo!, Target, and Mossack Fonseca have been impacted. Small companies are the most vulnerable, with nearly 60% of small companies going out of business following a hack. As a result, companies are urgently exploring new ways to protect, detect, manage, and report on cybersecurity. Our approach to cybersecurity is balanced and layered, integrated with your Enterprise Risk Management framework. As a result, our partnership with you will explore improvements to policies, processes, dashboards, architectures, and the management of new technologies on all organizational levels from Operations to the Board. 

Cloud Strategy and Integration


 In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, enterprises need to seize marketplace opportunity through rapid innovation. Whether your company chooses private, public, hybrid or even multi-cloud approaches, you’re under significant pressure to cut costs and increase operational agility. But it should be understood that your enterprise is embarking on a multi-year evolutionary journey that will transform not only the technology landscape, but also optimize business policy and processes. Seemingly small tactical decisions can have lasting impacts. It pays to take time to find your North Star, chart an efficient course, and provision your organization for success. But having a strategy is not enough. There are significant details and decisions to be made. Many companies have already embarked on a Cloud strategy but have encountered challenges when moving their legacy business functionality to the Cloud. Some teams find it difficult to adopt the modern platforms. Our goal is to help you avoid mistakes that create unnecessary risk and disruption along your path. PivitolX’s executive-level advisers, multi-disciplinary architects, program managers, and transformation leaders stand ready to assist. Our experts have been on this journey, know the obstacles you may face, and can help your team align behind an actionable strategy.

Internet of Things (IoT)


 The Internet of Things (IoT) is the growing evolution of communications between technical devices and corporate systems.  Whether these devices are commercial business devices, consumer electronics, manufacturing equipment, medical devices, or field equipment the value of real-time information is a game changer for a company’s understanding of performance, service-levels and usage outside the traditional server measurements of yesterday.  In the future, anything that can be connected, will be connected to the Internet.  The complexities of establishing an IoT operating environment spans a large degree of complexities from security, data collection and data analytics. 

IT Solutions "Because other things depend on IT"


PivitolX’s O365 Practice applies our proven 6-step methodology for delivering projects, which has already converted hundreds-of-thousands of users to new email, collaboration, and productivity platforms. In addition to driving long term adoption of new collaboration and productivity tools within the O365 suite, some of PivitolX’s projects have converted close to 30,000 users to new email platforms in under 4 months. Let us help you understand the best approach as you implement your new O365 environment. 

Solution Architecture and Implementation


 As technology is constantly changing and progressing, IT organizations are faced with transforming their organizations and systems to provide enhanced market capabilities and new business opportunities. Aging systems, closed technologies, failed transformation efforts, and numerous non-standard market integrations are just some of the issues organizations are dealing with in today’s operating landscape. To achieve success in transforming an operating environment or leveraging a new technology/platform model, a strong viable strategy that provides a complete understanding of the financial and incremental delivery value is essential. Establishing a roadmap with incremental results, architecting the right solution, and successfully implementing a supportable end product takes a sound strategy, an agile approach, and experiential knowledge of development and operations.

 PivitolX maintains a staff of broad, deep, and specialized experienced people who provide the level of capability and understanding to bridge the gap between understanding the needs/trends and the implementation of systems and solutions to meet those needs.  PivitolX works with your organization and resources, acting as members of your organization.  PivitolX’s team is practiced in delivering large scale, high performing solutions. Our team utilizes their experience to take advantage of technology changes and new possibilities in order to communicate and drive IT solutions and IT Services within your organization.

You need an IT Company you can trust.

Enterprise Information Management


 Before you can leverage the power of analytics and data science, you need data. And that data needs to be treated like a genuine corporate asset. PivitolX offers a full suite of enterprise information management services to ensure your data assets are accessible, integrated, accurate, and protected.